peter drury: The art of commentary


peter drDruryhe art of commentary

peter drury: The art of commentary

Welcome to my blog! Here I’ll be sharing my thoughts and observations on the art of commentary, with a particular focus on football commentary.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a forefront-row seat to some of the most exciting moments in the sport, and it’s always been fascinating to me to see how different commentators approach their craft.

Peter Drury: The art of commentary – an introduction

Peter Drury is a world-renowned sports commentator and broadcaster. His unique style and delivery have made him one of the most popular and respected commentators in the business.

In this book, Drury looks back at his career and shares some of the secrets of his success. He discusses the art of commentary, the importance of preparation, and how to stay cool under pressure. He also offers advice on dealing with nerves, coping with disappointment, and sustaining a successful career in broadcasting.

Peer Drury: The art of commentary – Drury’s style

In a career spanning more than two decades, Sky Sports commentator Peter Drury has become one of the most respected and well-liked figures in the British game.

Drury’s style is often described as emotive, and he is known for his tendency to get carried away with excitement when commentating on a particularly gripping match. This was perhaps most famously captured during Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League come-from-behind victory against AC Milan in Istanbul when Drury exclaimed “OHHHHHHHHH PETER CRIES FOR LIVERPOOL!” as the Reds scored their fourth goal to seal an incredible win.

Peter Drury: The art of commentary – Drury’s techniques

Drury’s techniques
How does Drury make sure he doesn’t miss anything important when commentating on a match? “Concentration is critical,” he says. “You have to trust your instincts and be 100% focused on the game. 

Drury also makes use of technology to help him with his commentary. “I always have a laptop open next to me so I can keep track of all the statistics and replays,” he explains. “I’ll also have Google open so I can look up things quickly – like if there’s a player who I don’t know much about.”

Peter Drury: The art of commentary – Drury’s impact

In 2002, when BT Sport commentator Peter Drury first appeared on our screens, it was impossible to imagine how big an impact he would have.

He was, and is, a breath of fresh air – bringing his imitable style, insight, and knowledge to the coverage of the beautiful game.

For many fans, Drury is the best thing about BT Sport’s coverage of football. Here are just some of the reasons why:

1. His passion for the game is palpable. You can feel how much he loves football when he’s commentating on a match – and that comes across in an infectious way
2. He has an incredible knowledge of the game and its history. This means that he often makes fascinating observations that other commentators wouldn’t think of.

3. He has a unique way of describing what’s happening on the pitch. His commentary is always interesting and engaging, even when the match itself isn’t particularly exciting.

4. He has a great sense of humor, which often comes through in his commentary (although some fans find his jokes a bit hit-and-miss

5. He’s not afraid to show his emotion during a match. This can be driving, particularly when he’s commentating on a huge game or a historic moment.

Peter Drury: The art of commentary – Drury’s legacy

Drury’s unique commentary style has earned him a place among the pantheon of great football commentators. His use of language, cadence, and delivery is unrivaled, and he has the rare ability to make the simple act of watching a football match an enthralling experience.

Drury’s legacy will be his ability to bring the game to life for those who watch it.

Peter Drury: The art of commentary – Drury’s influence

Peter Drury is a world-renowned commentator who has been the lead commentator for BT Sport since 2013. Drury’s influence in the world of commentary cannot be understated, with his unique style having been credited with popularising the use of onomatopoeia in a commentary. Drury is also known for his distinctive catchphrases, which have become synonymous with some of the biggest moments in sports

Peter Drury: The art of commentary – Drury’s place in history

As a sports commentator, Peter Drury has achieved a level of success and fame that few can match. His unique style and delivery have made him one of the most recognizable voices in the industry, and his passion for the game is evident in every broadcast.

But what sets Drury apart from his colleagues is his willingness to go above and beyond in his coverage. He has a knack for finding the human element in every story, and his commentary always manages to capture the essence of the moment.

It is this commitment to excellence that has earned Drury a place among the greats of sports broadcasting.

Peter Drury: The art of commentary – a final word

Drury’s style is unique and often mimicked but never bettered. He is the perfect example of how to be informative without being condescending, how to be passionate without being biased, and how to be entertaining without sacrificing accuracy.

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