The Oregon Treaty

The Oregon Treaty is one of the biggest treaties that the United States and the United Kingdom ever signed. It happened in 1846 and settled out the territory tensions between the two countries as well as providing the land that the United States needed to achieve their big goals on westward expansion. This treaty doubled the size of the United States and fueled the growing country as well as providing peace throughout the lands.

The Oregon territory was a prized possession to Spain, Russia, and the United Kingdom, who each hield claims to this land. This possession was most valuable to the United States and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom knew that Oregon was a valuable possession in which they could launch attacks on the United States and take back their land. The United States couldn’t let them take that land and risk losing the many valuable states. The United States was eventually hoping to conquer Canada and expand their land upward. The countries this land was least valuable to were Russia and Spain who were the first ones to get rid of their claims. When Florida was purchased from Spain, they dropped out of the scramble. Russia dropped out soon later.

After Russia and Spain dropped out of the scramble, it was clear this land was going to be either American or British. During the war of 1812, a ten-year treaty was finally signed between the United States and the United Kingdom to create borders that now separate the United States and Canada. this treaty was renewed twice and by 1846 it was very clear to the United Kingdom that this land was going to stay American, mostly due to the Oregon Trail which was leading the immigrants west. At the time, the United States was at war with Mexico and President James K. Polk was willing to negotiate in order to get the land and avoid having two wars going on at once. Some of the unused American lands were negotiated back to the British.

In 1846, the Oregon Treaty was officially signed, giving it the great Oregon Territories. In 1848, two years after signing the treaty with the United Kingdom, the United States finally split up the Oregon Territories and made them all official states, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho as well as parts of Montana and Wyoming.

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