Homelessness and Child Poverty in the USA

Homelessness and child poverty are two big problems that have swept over the United Stated for many years. It is estimated that every 1 in 30 children in the United States experience homelessness every year. 51% of these children are under 6 years old. Being homeless also means that you are less likely to get many basic needs such as health care and education this means that many of the children of the United States are not getting what is right for them to get. It is not ok for these people to be constantly excluded by the government, and is why this is one of the reasons why this is such a big problem in the United States.

When many of the government gives the people basic needs such as having access to health care and education, they often exclude many of the homeless and the poor. In the United States health care is not free as it is often supplied by the employer, but when you work in a factory or a low paying job, it is likely that the employer does not supply your health care. In that case, you have to pay for your own health care, and it isn’t cheap, especially if you work in a factory and are homeless. I think that it is unwise of the politicians to not try to target many of the homeless and the children enduring child poverty. This is a very big and risky hole in their progress.

In the United States, education is usually not a problem, but if you are homeless or are enduring child poverty alone, it is very hard for you to get a good education and are nine times more likely to repeat a grade. Education is an absolute need as well for people who are enduring child poverty and especially important if you want to lift the world out of this child poverty crisis. I think that the United States government should start focusing more on the people that are not getting a good education, because if we keep on letting them endure child poverty, they will never be able to get lifted out of the crisis.

I hope that now, you have realized the impacts of this problem on the world and how the government just can’t ignore it. My solution is simple. In order to get rid of this problem, you need to make sure that the homeless are getting good health care and making sure that the kids enduring child poverty are getting special education and making sure that they are learning enough to get themselves out of their child poverty. This is probably the only way, and we must do what we can to stop this crisis.

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