The Secret Theory to Einstein’s Genius

Albert Einstein is commonly known as the smartest man on earth, developing the formula E=mc2, regarded as one of the most amazing discoveries on earth. When he died, he requested that he wanted his body to be cremated but during his autopsy Princeton pathologist Thomas Harvey removed his brain hoping to find out the secrets of his genius. Einstein’s son later gave a reluctant approval and eventually, he had the brain cut up into pieces and sent to different places to study and to this day, nobody has found out why he was such a genius. There have been many theories on this case of course, some making sense others not. One of the most famous ones claimed that he possessed unusual folds in his paretial lobe which is associated with mathematical ability. Although this might seem true, I don’t think that this is associated with how big or small the brain is. I think that it is about what the brain has in it and the psychology around it.

My theory is based on a study that boredom can spark creativity and that having a healthy cycle of boredom and creativity is best, which seemed to be exactly what happened to Albert Einstein during his lifetime. As an example, Albert Einstein began high school at a boring school in Germany. There, people were not allowed to ask questions and had to march to their classes. Eventually, Einstein got bored and was expelled for causing chaos. Then, because of family business, the Einsteins moved to Switzerland and Einstein began a new high school which he really liked. It was a place where people got to choose and ask lots of questions when they wanted to, he excelled in this school and had lots of fun both learning and asking questions. doing this, he chose his own path in learning. Avoiding things that made him cause chaos, but working hard on things that he thought were interesting.

Einstein cared overall a lot more about studying and learning than family, and a lot of people say that that was selfish. Although maybe it was, he seemed to be able to stick to problems longer, and become more focused. He said in one of his quotes that he was not smarter than anyone else, he just stuck to problems longer which I guess is a relatively efficient learning strategy considering what he achieved in his life. And as we discovered, boredom sparks creativity and in order to learn better and more efficient you need these cycles in life, and this seemed to be Einstein’s learning strategy. Enduring boredom and pushing it away, then, studying a subject that he thought was interesting. Like in a Montessori classroom, where everyone is just supposed to study and learn the way they want. I hope that by the end of this blog post that you have realized you can create your own key to learning, just like how Albert Einstein did.

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