Mithridatization and Why Vegetables Taste so Weird!

Ever wondered why vegetables taste so weird? Well, you are about to find out. Vegetables have small amounts of poison in them and thats what is so good about them (don’t worry because they only have very, very, very, small amounts.) Because when your body detects that poison it starts developing antibiotics (lots and lots of them) then, when your body realizes that there is only very small amounts your body fights them off and your body stores the rest of the antibiotics for later use, this process is called mithridatization. And that is why vegetables taste so weird.

The word mithridatization was derived from a ancient king named Mithridates VI who feared so much about being poisoned by his brother so that he could take the throne that he regularly took small amounts so that he could become more immune. This was a smart choice, as later in his life his mother tried to poison him so his brother could have the throne, but because he had become more immune he was not as heavily affected as he would have been if he did not have the small amounts of poison.

This method does not apply to all types of poison because it depends on how your body reacts to it. For example: regularly having small doses of radiation will just kill you slower and more painfully but if you regularly have some types of snake venom it will protect you from later accidents. In practice, this method has only been used once in modern times when venomous snake handler Bill Haast used this method to avoid later accidents.

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