• Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was a famous statesman in the newly formed United States Of America, as well as scientist, author and inventor of the franklin stove. He paved the way for the newly formed USA to grow. Benjamin Franklin was a veracious reader for his entire life, and enjoyed reading many fascinating books. At the young … Continue reading Benjamin Franklin

  • Leonardo Da Vinci: Part 1

    Leonardo Da Vinci was a famous painter and renaissance man, creating the fabulous work of art known as the Mona Lisa, one of the most famous paintings and best paintings in the world. Leonardo was also an amazing sculptor, scientist and inventor, who invented many inventions that were way ahead of his time. He is … Continue reading Leonardo Da Vinci: Part 1

  • Sam Zemmuray and the History of the Banana Trade

    Sam Zemmuray, also known as Sam the Banana Man, was the ruler of the banana industry for decades. Zemmuray’s parents were poor farmers in Russia before Zemmuray made his way to Central America. He was no joke though, standing at over six feet high and made of only skin and bone. A good businessman, but … Continue reading Sam Zemmuray and the History of the Banana Trade

  • How Much Website Code Is Redundant?

    For a science project, I decided to work on something that I had been pondering: how much code is unnecessary and redundant in a website? This was particularly interesting to me because I had done some programming in website-oriented languages such as HTML, CSS, and JS. My cousin–a really great programmer who taught me much … Continue reading How Much Website Code Is Redundant?

  • The Best Civilization Ever

    Throughout history, societies have seemed to rise and then collapse. New civilizations emerge, ones that are better in some major way. Some civilizations have lasted for longer than others (such as England), but most of them were powerful once and then whittled away due to inefficiencies in their society. In this essay, I will explain … Continue reading The Best Civilization Ever

  • My Prospective Career

    Since I was eight years old, my main interest and prospective career has been working in finance. More recently, I’ve been getting more interested in cryptocurrency, financial independence (which is not a career but a way of thinking about money), and business. Through my business, Investing For Kids By Kids, and from my parents and … Continue reading My Prospective Career

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